MAKA is a make-your-own magnetic fidget toy

We created MAKA to be the ultimate productivity tool to use at work, at school and at home.


What is MAKA?

MAKA is a make-your-own magnetic fidget toy. The magnetic beads snap together with a satisfying clack, designed to engage to but not over stimulate.

Who is MAKA for?

MAKA is designed for ages 5-105.

Our creative activities are made for children aged 5-11, but anyone can use MAKA standalone. Superpowers have no age limit.

When will MAKA be available?

We will be launching a Kickstater campaign early 2017! Be the first to know when the page goes live by signing up to our mailing list.

The power is in your hands

Unlock the superhuman power of fidgeting

Fidgeting is scientifically proven to increase our attention span, improve our receptiveness to new information and reduce the chance of distraction. It is the ultimate superpower – a power we all have in our hands.

Press and Interviews

LEGO Design Award winner

One for the trophy cabinet - MAKA received the prestigious LEGO Award for Playful Creativity at New Designers 2016

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